ESG and the shipping sector

Position Green helps maritime operators and shipping companies ensure accurate, transparent data in their sustainability reporting and develop strategies that reduce impacts and drive ESG performance.

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Navigating towards a sustainable shipping industry

Position Green combines leading ESG tech and human expertise to provide customised support in the field of sustainable shipping. Having an efficient system in place to address these challenges has essentially become a license to operate. Not only is it vital for competitive advantage, it also creates an understanding of sustainability goals and processes at all levels of the organisation.

Shipping companies face complex challenges in accurately measuring and reporting emissions and ESG impacts from their entire organisation and value chain. Navigating the array of ESG frameworks and balancing compliance with industry-specific guidelines further adds to this complexity.

Flexible structure

Customise for the shipping industry

Implement our robust data management system to collect, analyse and integrate ESG data into your overall business operations, including vessel mapping, custom default emission values (e.g. NOx, SOx, PM) and dashboards and thresholds for data quality control.

Regulatory compliance

Align with ESG frameworks

Ensure regulatory compliance with ready-made templates and structured data collection according to relevant industry standards and legislations, e.g. customised SASB Marine Transportation Standard template and GRI template.

ESG impacts

In-depth gap analysis

Gain a comprehensive overview of ESG impacts and build optimisation strategies based on data-driven insights.


Streamline your processes

Automate data import processes and digitise your value chain to accurately measure, monitor and report greenhouse gas emissions by operation – adapted to the specific ownership structure.

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