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Copenhagen Malmö Port – making the blue industry green

How can you turn ESG data into high-impact decisions across your organisation? Environmental Manager Jonatan Stoltz gives insights into Copenhagen Malmö Port’s data-driven approach to sustainability – from reliable carbon accounting to putting the right data in the right hands.
Copenhagen Malmö Port

Copenhagen Malmö Port strives to be one of the world’s most sustainable ports. With a robust ESG agenda and the ambition to be CO2 neutral in their operations by 2025, CMP has already reduced carbon emissions (Scope 1+2) by 68% since 2020. What can we learn from their journey? Environmental Manager Jonatan Stoltz gives his take.

What needs did CMP identify in working with sustainability data?

We needed to make sustainability a natural part of our governance and business strategy. It was no longer possible for us to handle all incoming data manually in massive and complex Excel sheets. A dedicated ESG software was needed to collect, manage and monitor the increasing data in an efficient and reliable way.

We were looking for that ‘perfect mix’ – flexible enough to be adapted to our specific needs but with standardised functions to ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as GRI, CSRD and EU Taxonomy.

However, we see efficient ESG data management as more than simply a compliance tool. It provides a clear picture of performance against defined targets. It ensures accurate and trustworthy disclosures to meet stakeholder demands. And it enables well-evaluated and grounded sustainability-related business decisions.

How does the ESG data collected lead to impactful decisions?

Collecting data in Position Green helps us visualise data in our own way, where graphs and figures make it easier for decision makers and managers within the company to make sense of sustainability data in a way that’s relevant to them. We’re able to filter data on a more granular level, for example, by geographical location and department. This makes the information more understandable and actionable in terms of identifying where investments and collaboration are needed to improve impact.

How have you tackled specific ESG challenges in your industry?

Around three years ago, we invited all CMP employees to an ESG workshop to define what a sustainable port is, together. This input led to a solid ESG strategy with goals and targets for the years 2020-2025.

We operate in a sensitive landscape where the ocean meets land, so our environmental goals are key – with a specific focus on climate, waste and biodiversity. With the ambition to only use fossil-free energy at CMP by 2025, we’ve worked hard to have renewable energy contracts. We’re phasing out fossil diesel and using electricity or HVO100 as fuel for port machinery and biogas for heating our properties in Malmö. In addition to reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 68% since 2020, we already offer fossil-free cargo handling in certain parts of our harbour segments.

Naturally, minimising work-place injuries is a priority in our health and safety work. In terms of governance, we have a strong focus on supplier assessment, including joint collaborations with suppliers and customers to support in improving their sustainability performance. We also aim to implement a system of reduced port fees for vessels with a strong sustainability profile.

“We saved 93 consultancy hours on our sustainability report with Position Green.”

Jonatan Stoltz – Environmental Manager at Copenhagen Malmö Port

How does Position Green help fuel your journey to become a world-leading sustainable port?

Having efficient and reliable ESG software such as Position Green is no longer just ‘nice to have’. It’s essentially become a license to operate and gives businesses a competitive edge. Moreover, Position Green offers a dedicated team of tech developers and sustainability experts with broad industry expertise, easily supporting us with both technical issues and regulatory sustainability topics. It makes us confident that we’re always up to date with the latest sustainability standards, frameworks and emission factors to ensure we achieve compliance and impact – so we’re sailing in the right direction. 

About CMP

Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) is one of Scandinavia’s largest port operators and a full-service port in the Øresund region – the doorway to Denmark and Sweden and the gateway to the Baltic Sea. CMP receives a vast variety of goods and has an infrastructure customised for all types of vessels.

Through innovation and digitalisation, they engage in partnerships to enhance the sustainable development of the maritime industry.

Position Green supports CMP with our Sustainability Suite

Learn more about CMP’s sustainability work

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