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Empower your workforce, in a way that serves your business best. Our ESG courses and e-learning packages are part of your sustainability home with Position Green and allow flexible training, anytime and anywhere.

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ESG Directives and Regulations – The Basics

After taking this course you will be familiar with the EU Taxonomy, CSRD and the ESRS.

The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) protocol: Foundations

Learn more about the GHG protocol and how it is used as a method for carbon accounting.


This course will enable you to complete a Sustainability report in line with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and associated European Sustainability Reporting Standards.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a certificate?

Upon completion of the e-learning course, participants will receive a certificate recognizing their achievement and newly acquired skills.

Is there instructor led courses?

Yes, we offer instructor-led courses in addition to our e-learning options. These courses are designed to provide hands-on guidance and personalized instruction from experienced professionals, ensuring an in-depth and interactive learning experience.

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Webinar: Live case studies on the first ESRS sustainability statements


A guide to the ESRS
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