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Our team of sustainability consultants at Position Green Advisory help companies make data-driven strategic decisions and provide the necessary hands-on expertise to reduce risk and accelerate new value creation.

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To develop an impactful ESG strategy, you need to identify your baseline and understand what is important. We help you gain an understanding of where your company stands against its competitors, what’s material for your investors, customers and employees and what the upcoming regulatory requirements are within your industry.

  • Gap analysis and peer benchmarking
  • Emissions mapping
  • Climate risk and scenario analysis
  • Stakeholder and materiality assessment
  • EU Taxonomy assessment and readiness review 
  • ESG due diligence
  • Human rights saliency assessment
  • Human rights due diligence 


Your ESG strategy and roadmap form the foundation of working with sustainability as a company and must be fully integrated into your overall corporate strategy. We work to ensure that the strategy is focussed on what really moves the needle based on your overall business objective, whether that is attracting new capital, customers or employees.

  • Ambition setting and priorities
  • Science-based and net-zero targets
  • Green business innovation and business-building
  • Roadmap and initiatives
  • Integrating human rights


We help companies develop roadmaps, policies and initiatives that are actionable and to-the-point, bringing their strategies to life. We support our clients with implementation and execution, as advisors and hands-on experts to avoid internal misunderstandings and slow progress.

  • Governance and policies
  • Program management and delivery
  • TCFD and SDG implementation
  • Human rights due diligence implementation


Investors and customers need comparable, consistent, and comprehensive ESG reporting and disclosures in order to understand your company’s performance. We develop a strong narrative for your ESG performance and help you implement the ESG frameworks that investors and customers are asking for.

  • Sustainability reporting
  • GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFD and Taxonomy disclosures
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Human rights reporting

Launch of ESG100 report

Discover the key findings and much more from this year’s review of ESG reporting
of the 100 largest listed companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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“Position Green has provided MPC Container Ships with great, reliable and well founded support as well as expertise as we accelerate our sustainability strategy, reporting and ESG data management.”

— Dr Benjamin Pfeifer, CFO MPC Container

Areas of expertise

Our team of sustainability consultants at Position Green Advisory

Kristian R. Andersen Position Green

Kristian R. Andersen

Managing Director · Oslo

+47 959 38 970

Maria Gjølberg

Director · Oslo

+47 976 64 944

Simon Taylor Position Green

Simon Taylor

Managing Director · Copenhagen

+45 2199 6582

Anders de Lichtenberg Position Green

Anders de Lichtenberg

Managing Director · Copenhagen

+45 2199 6582

Johan Säwensten Position Green

Johan Säwensten

Managing Director · Stockholm

+46 708 64 16 82

Johannes Zetterlund Position Green

Johannes Zetterlund

Managing Director · Stockholm

+46 703 09 38 20

Amanda Sørum

Senior Associate · Oslo

+47 952 22 329

Anne Kvam

Director · Oslo

+47 971 21 798

Calum Revfem

Director · Oslo

+47 408 96 217

Dyveke Elset

Manager · Oslo

+47 482 03 471

Frithjof Grønlien

Manager · Oslo

+47 905 77 355

Gro Stake

Director · Oslo

+47 926 67 156

Henning Kristoffersen

Special Advisor · Oslo

+47 467 93 861

Jason Stanley

Director · Houston

+1 713 553 7990

Josefine Eggum

Manager · Oslo

+47 480 47 737

Julie Aamodt

Senior Associate · Oslo

+47 415 61 092

Kristin Dypdahl

Special Advisor · Haag

+31 645 57 69 60

Tariq Desai

Special Legal Advisor · Oslo

+47 920 71 408

Raminta Karabitski

Senior Associate · Oslo

Ida Solli Belkhayati

Associate · Oslo

Enja Nyholt

Senior Associate · Oslo

Joanna Attolini Formago

Special Advisor · Oslo

Amelie Huart

Manager · Copenhagen

+45 2199 6582

Kasper Julin

Manager · Copenhagen

+45 2199 6582

Marie Renberg

Associate Advisory · Stockholm

+46 735 83 06 19

Tony Christensen

Manager · Gothenburg

+46 708 90 64 17

Klara Oké

Associate · Stockholm

+46 706 54 70 16

We are accredited to, or are members of, the following ESG frameworks and organisations

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