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Scandi Standard – next-level sustainability for people, chickens and planet

When it comes to making sustainability actionable, data is king. Dive deeper into this and other insights on sustainable food production, climate-related impacts and tackling the wave of ESG regulations – when we’re joined by Scandi Standard’s Ida Ljungkvist.

As the leading chicken producer in the Nordics and Ireland, Scandi Standard is driving sustainability across all fronts. Working with sustainable food production, they assume the responsibility from farm to fork, for people, chickens and the planet. What can we learn from their journey? Group Sustainability Director Ida Ljungkvist gives her take. 

Transparency is in high demand

Scandi Standard’s 2030 sustainability goals cover everything from improved workplace safety, packaging and waste reduction to halving carbon emissions across their own operations and value chain. Aside from creating a robust governance structure to anchor and monitor targets and improvements, Ida points to efficient data collection processes as key to satisfying transparency demands.

“Rightfully, we have really high expectations from authorities, customers and consumers, and a big need to measure and follow up on non-financial factors also. The key to transparency is really to have good quality data that you can rely on and communicate to your stakeholders in a confident manner.”

Better data is found close to the source

More than 90 percent of Scandi Standard’s total emissions occur beyond their operations. Coupled with the need to collect a lot of industry-specific data, Ida sees usability and flexibility as vital features when working with Position Green. They can easily collect reliable sustainability data from local users while customising the platform to their organisational structure and needs.

“It gives us the opportunity both to use standard GRI and GHG Protocol templates, but also to build our own KPIs related to animal welfare and feed efficiency, for example. When we can compare between sites, it creates interest and discussions on what we can do to improve.”

TCFD, CSRD and navigating the alphabet soup

With a heavy reliance on an agricultural value chain, Scandi Standard works with the TCFD framework to quantify climate-related risks and opportunities. One example is simulating what different climate scenarios would mean for feed cost and availability in the future. Not only are findings from the TCFD work integrated into their annual reports for increased transparency, they also help inform their roadmap for compliance with the CSRD and ESRS.

“Everyone who works within sustainability knows it’s quite intense at the moment. Now, when we are working with implementing the CSRD and ESRS, the TCFD work has given us a great head start in identifying climate-related impacts, risks and opportunities.”

Read more about Scandi Standard’s sustainability goals.

“Position Green gives us reliable, quality data that we can share with our stakeholders.”

Ida Ljungkvist –  Group Sustainability Director at Scandi Standard

About Scandi Standard

Scandi Standard is the leading producer of chilled, frozen and ready-to-eat chicken products in the Nordic countries and Ireland, exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide. Their well-known brands include Kronfågel, De Danske Familiegårde and Sicín Sásta, among others.

With an ambitious strategic framework for sustainable development, The Scandi Way, the company strives to assume an industry-leading role in animal welfare, as well as environmental and social responsibility.

Position Green supports Scandi Standard with our sustainability reporting software & advisory.

Learn more about their sustainability work

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