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Position Green is a fast-growing company with the ambition of revolutionizing how businesses and organizations work sustainable.Our proprietary software helps our customers to efficiently collect, analyze, visualize and report sustainability data.

We are proud to work with companies and organizations of different sizes and from most industries.We see our customers as champions who chose to take their sustainability work seriously.



Everyone can become a champion in sustainability

Here is how the tool works


    Position Green simplifies and streamlines data collection, which can be done in a variety of ways:

    • Manually via reporters where delegation functions ensure that the right person leaves the correct information. Documents, images and other evidence that proves that the collected data is correct can be uploaded and commented.
    • Gathers both quantitative and qualitative data in an integrated manner.
    • Via suppliers who can easily register data using customized survey forms and web access directly into the tool.
    • Data can be imported directly from Excel or automatically transferred from existing systems or sensors.

    Focus is on simplicity and user friendliness.


    With all the sustainability data gathered in one place, it is easy to measure and follow up.

    • Make calculations and create the KPIs that are relevant to follow up.
    • Use emission factors and calculate costs.
    • Have total control and overview of how your work progresses. All data is traceable and it is easy to see who registered what kind of data or from which other system data was retrieved.
    • Time saving. Instead, add time and focus on analyzing data and be more proactive.
    • Visualize collected data in an optional and flexible manner. Filter and sort data in different ways and create graphs that clearly show how you perform.
    • Visualize information in charts and tables and see how the business improves sustainability work over time and compared to set goals.
    • Compare different organizational units and create continued motivation for even better sustainability work.


    Having all the environmental and sustainability data collected in one place brings a variety of benefits, including efficiency when a report is to be produced.

    • It is easy to create a sustainability reports for different receivers, e.g. the company's corporate offices, environmental reports to municipalities and county administrative boards or decision support to the management team.
    • Use automated reports or customize a report that require a smaller handover to be adjusted according to specific needs.
    • With the tool's smart tagging system, data can be sorted according to GRI, Global Impacts, UN Development Goals, or other goals and standards.

    Overall, transparency on the outside world increases and it becomes easier to inform both customers and employees of the company about how the business is working on sustainability issues.

    Setup of the tool works like Lego, where every customer's unique needs quickly
    can be built freely or created from a finished structure

      Each company and organization has its unique prerequisites and Position Green has basically been built in order to accommodate the needs of our customers as quickly, easily and possibly.

      It's quick to create your own measurement structure or to completely assume different standards. There is also built-in best practice from all aspects of sustainability work.

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      6 benefits that our clients love to tell us

      1. Simplicity and speed

      A user-friendly tool that easily produces clear and accurate reports within the organization and to suppliers.

      2. Cost-effective and dynamic

      The tool’s dynamic setup is customized to suit each customer’s unique organization and measurement needs. Customers never have to pay for something they do not need.

      3. Time savings and increased transparency

      The tool’s validation and process features save the customer time in collecting and following up, as well as returning environmental and sustainability data to different stakeholders.

      4. Automated reports and visualizations

      The tool visualizes data in graphs, tables, and charts, and creates customer-relevant reports in environmental and sustainability areas.

      5. Control and traceability

      All data is validated and traceable, making it easy to measure and control. The risk minimizes reporting errors and analyzes/forecasts inaccuracies.

      6. Built-in sustainability standards

      Data collected can be tagged with all sustainability standards, such as GRI, SDGs, Global compact, etc.

      Simplifies the complex

      At first glance, collecting sustainability data seems relatively simple, but in reality, the actual collecting becomes very complex. There are many different dimensions to consider, and it comes to building up a logical structure that can be used throughout the organization. These are all things that quickly become more efficient in Position Green.


      How do you work with your sustainability data today?

      In the absence of other, most companies and organizations use software like Word, Excel and SharePoint for collecting and managing environmental and sustainability data. These are great programs, but not built to collect and manage complex environmental and sustainability data. In Position Green, you do not need to spend precious time to hunt for the data you need to collect. You can easily collect information from various sources, such as connecting your existing IT-systems and automatically transfer the data you need. You get a total overview of your sustainability footprint and where you stand against the goals you have set. It will be easier to take a new position in your sustainability efforts.

      Project management and customizations

      Position Green offers project management in order to suport your environmental and sustainability work. We also assist with customizations of the tool and custom modules.

      We want to help our customers to gain a strong position in their environmental work by being clear about its environmental impact and to create confidence in how they work with it. We want to create better decision support and support efforts to create commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.


      Responsibility for a sustainable society

      All organizations that want to take responsibility for our environment and contribute to a sustainable society needs to collect, structure and evaluate environmental and sustainability data. Working with correct data will be crucial and common tools and approaches is essential to cope with this. It will be important to collect environmental and sustainability reports to legislators, regulatory and quality assurance, to link costs to EIA / saving, ease environmental and sustainability audits and to compare with other companies and organizations. Not least, it will be important to measure its impact in order to do something about it.