How to align your sustainability
reporting with the ESRS

How do you structure your sustainability disclosures in line with the ESRS? And what changes can you make this reporting season to prepare for future compliance? The following guide looks at the key requirements for your ESRS sustainability statement and insights on how to develop an integrated report.

Demonstrate progress towards ESRS compliance

The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) represents a gamechanger for sustainability reporting – impacting some 50,000 companies in the EU and another 10,000 companies in the UK, US and elsewhere.

With the ESRS expected to apply from 2024, companies need to start aligning their reporting with the standards and take a closer look at how to properly structure their sustainability information, while also meeting the needs of stakeholders for a concise and clear report.

Download the guide and read about:

  • What are the ESRS requirements for report structure?
  • What data should you include in your report and how do you get it?
  • Tips on how to structure the sustainability statement
  • Insights on developing an integrated report

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