Sustainable Investments

Our full-cycle investment software supports general and limited partners during the entire investment cycle – from screening new investment opportunities and conducting ESG due diligence for potential investments to monitoring their portfolio while invested.

Sustainable investments metrics

Unlock equity value by utilising ESG insight and opportunities during the entire investment cycle

ESG Due Diligence

Assure that potential investments align with coming regulations and disclosures. Our pre-investment solutions support investment and asset managers with a harmonised approach and industry best practices to screen and conduct ESG due diligence and identify potential ESG impacts, opportunities and risks before investing.
  • Apply a harmonised methodology for data collection and assess ESG investment opportunities
  • Identify potential ESG impacts, opportunities and risks
  • Create post-closing action plans and ESG KPIs for the investment
  • Use the insights for negotiations and closing the deal

ESG due diligence risk

Investment monitoring portfolio companies

Investment monitoring

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