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Sustainable Investments Software

Unlock sustainable growth across your portfolio

Leverage ESG insights and opportunities at all stages of investment – from screening and due diligence to investment monitoring and exit. Our private equity software has built-in expertise to support GPs and LPs at every step. Navigate risk. Transform your portfolio. Secure new investment.

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Manage ESG throughout your investment cycle with ease

Easily access ESG insights across all investment phases to mitigate risk,
uncover opportunities, and ensure long-term portfolio success.

01. ESG Screening

Quickly identify how potential investments meet ESG targets

Benchmark targets against portfolio

Access multiple out-of-the-box assessment methods

Create your own ESG checklists

Conduct controversy screenings

02. ESG Due Diligence

Identify ESG opportunities & risks before closing new investments

Leverage out-of-the-box best practices tailored to your preferences

Benchmark investment projects against portfolio and past targets

Generate action plans from gap analyses

Share investment committee reports

03. Investment Monitoring

Ensure compliance, drive impact and growth

Analyze, benchmark and assess ESG performance

Comply with SFDR, GHG, ESRS and others

Engage with assets through surveys and action plans

Deliver accurate ESG claims to LPs

04. Exit

Manage ESG
at exit

Effective ESG management at exit means crafting a compelling narrative. Our experts help compile high-quality reports at sale that demonstrate the high value of your assets as an attractive investment.

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Screen with ease

Spot opportunities, risks, and identify targets in a few clicks with automated ESG assessments and scoring.


Engage your portfolio companies

ESG data collection to assure quality and effectively share documents and data insight throughout Position Green’s portfolio company portals.


Stakeholder reports

Utilise data insights, create accurate reports to met your ESG claims and share with Limited Partners when needed.


Make insights into actions

Transform assets through action plans, delegate tasks, and track progress to increase ESG performance across the portfolio.


Monitor and analyse

Get real-time visualisations of portfolio performance, your organisation’s impact, and target alignment.


Forecast future scenarios

Anticipate portfolio risks and opportunities with high-level simulations and forecasting capabilities.

Customer stories

Discover how Position Green has helped customers take their sustainability work to the next level.

“Helps us meet demands for sustainability data”

Elin Ljung

Managing Director, Head of Communication & Sustainability


“We loved the fast and easy data access”

Catarina Larsson

Head of Corporate Sustainability


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