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SFDR Reporting Software

Simplify SFDR reporting and monitor investments

Measure the ESG performance of investments and ensure compliance with mandatory SFDR disclosure requirements.

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Streamline your reporting in line with the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and effectively monitor the related sustainability performance of your investments. Position Green’s end-to-end SFDR Solution makes it easy for you to take control of the SFDR – collect and calculate the relevant ESG data from your portfolio companies to ensure SFDR compliance and equip your entire team to integrate SFDR into your investment strategy.

High-impact SFDR software features

Measure SFDR’s mandatory Principal Adverse Impacts

Accurately measure the performance of your investments against the SFDR’s mandatory Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) using Position Green’s adaptable software solution.


High-impact SFDR software features

Collect data from your portfolio

Collect the relevant sustainability data from your portfolio companies using specially designed surveys in the system.


High-impact SFDR software features

Calculate PAI indicators

Automatically calculate the necessary figures based on the PAI indicators.


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Get expert support from experienced advisors

Work with our sustainable finance team to ensure your financial products become Article 8 or 9-compliant.


Accelerate impact with enterprise-wide learning

Build your own e-learning course or training session based on your company’s specific learning needs and sustainability agenda.

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SFDR at a glance

What is the SFDR?

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires financial market participants and financial advisors within the EU to disclose how they integrate sustainability risks into their investment decisions, as well as the impacts of their investments on sustainability factors.

The SFDR was introduced by the European Commission as part of a legislative package aimed at supporting the European Green Deal, fostering a sustainable economy and encouraging the financial sector to shift focus to sustainable activities, thus reducing the negative impact of fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The SFDR entered into effect in March 2021 and national regulators across the EU are now responsible for enforcing the regulation.

The SFDR aims to increase the transparency and standardisation of sustainable finance products and services, thus removing the obstacles that prevent investors from accessing sustainability data required for informed decision making. It also seeks to prevent greenwashing and level the playing field within the EU so that European companies are not exposed to unfair competition from enterprises outside the EU.

What is the scope of the SFDR requirements?

The SFDR impacts a wide range of financial market participants (FMPs) such as asset managers, investment funds, pension funds, insurance companies, banks and credit institutions.

The regulation imposes mandatory ESG disclosure obligations that compel these FMTs to report on the principal adverse impacts (PAIs) of their portfolios. The PAI indicators are a set of mandatory indicators and metrics which aim to show investors the potentially negative impacts certain investments may have on sustainability factors. Under these new requirements, fund managers, financial advisors and other financial institutions will need to collect ESG data and disclose any sustainability risks relating to their investments and financial products – on websites, in prospectuses and in periodic reports.

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