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The pure-play

Born in the Nordics, we empower companies worldwide to transform and succeed in the evolving landscape of sustainable enterprise.



founded in Sweden



customers worldwide

“Our mission is to revolutionise how businesses integrate sustainability – in pursuit of a sustainable, fair and resilient future.”

Daniel Gadd
CEO – Position Green 


employees with diverse sustainability expertise

A community of pioneers driving real change for a sustainable future.

Culture at Position Green

At Position Green, we thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing environment, attracting individuals who are passionate about creating a sustainable world through their service-oriented mindset and interdisciplinary skill sets.

We fuel the journey from compliance to sustainable impact

With data at the heart of our offering, we enable organisations to navigate the regulatory jungle, accelerate sustainability performance and sharpen their competitive edge. By making sustainability measurable and actionable, we simplify the ESG reporting challenge and help embed robust strategies that reduce risk and create lasting value.

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