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Sustainability Reporting Software

Cut through complexity.
Report with confidence.

Streamline sustainability reporting and compliance to get the most out of your data, and your time. Easily collect, analyse and report accurate ESG data across business categories and get the insights you need to power performance.

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Target setting and forecasting

Adapt metrics to your GHG reduction ambitions and uncover opportunities through simulations and forecasting.


In-depth gap analysis

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your ESG strategies and bridge the gap to compliance and goals.


Advisory beyond compliance

Access top-tier advisory expertise for a second opinion, a sounding board or rock-solid strategic guidance.


Global impact map

A dynamic visual overview lets you showcase the impact of your organisation in a captivating way.


Automate and validate

Efficiently source ESG data through API integrations and assure quality through embedded validations.


AI that helps join the dots

Get context-aware insights into sustainability efforts and shorten the distance from analyse to impactful decisions.


Get carbon accounting right

Scope 1-3 support for all recognised methods with an acclaimed library of quality-assured emission factors.


Dynamic collaboration

Invite as many users as you need to the platform and save time and resources with streamlined flows.

Customer stories

Discover how Position Green has helped customers take their sustainability work to the next level.

“We needed a tool for proactive data-decisions”

Liz Helm

Sustainability Manager


“We loved the easy and fast data access”

Catarina Larsson

Head of Corporate Sustainability


“Increase sustainability and financial performance”

Kasper Dahl Pedersen

Sustainability Lead


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End-to-end sustainability

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Advisory Expertise