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A one-stop-shop for all sustainability data

Sustainability can differ greatly from organization to organization. With this in mind we have a flexible approach to our different modules. We want to ensure that Position Green can be adapted to all needs and levels of ambition. Some of our clients want to use our built-in catalogue of best practises to benchmark their sustainability scope against other organizations. Other clients want us to tailor a structure that matches their unique and pre-defined scope. Regardless of your starting point, you can use our platform for internal data collection, as a basis for your sustainability report, supply-chain evaluation, review of company holdings, to measure and follow-up unique projects, etc. Our platform is in continuous development and should you find an angle that we have not yet covered we are always eager to find out how we can meet your needs.



Choose if you want to use one of our standard frameworks as your point of departure or tailor the platform completely to your organization. Built-in knowledge and best practises allow for a simple set-up process that guarantees that you can start your data reporting process quickly.


Employ our various features to streamline your work: use built-in sustainability reporting standards as KPI’s, download reports in PDF, Word or Excel to communicate your statistics and progress, compare your organizational units to each other, and delegate individual reporting segments to colleagues or partners.


Let the platform instruct your reporters. Clear instructions guide every user throughout the reporting process. If you have top access the platform will support you with an overview of all user activity and reported data, dashboards that visualize all statistics, calculation overviews let you trace data and automatic reminder e-mails ensure that users follow your deadlines.

This is how Position Green works

Our goal is to make your company’s sustainability work simple, fun and efficient. To achieve structure in what can sometimes feel complex and chaotic you need a dedicated platform that stores all sustainability data in one and the same place. You need a platform that makes the process of collecting and reporting data traceable and smart. Position Green is the only platform you need to measure and follow-up your entire sustainability scope.


Position Green handles both manual and automatic import of qualitative and quantitative sustainability data from your organization, your suppliers, clients, portfolio companies and external partners. Data can be imported according to different reporting intervals and methods of measurement. Built-in factors convert reported data into relevant rates, such as emission. All data imports and user activity is traceable to ensure that communicators and auditors have a reliable foundation on which to produce a sustainability report and carry out the auditing process.


As soon as data has been reported into Position Green you receive a visual overview of your performance towards your KPI’s, allowing you to easily track your progress over time within and across each focus area and sustainability reporting standard. Operational needs and issues are made apparent when data has been visualized in Position Green, giving you the opportunity to take quick action. Choose one of our standard visualization models or have us build a visualization from scratch, tailored to the specific type of statistics you wish to highlight. Built-in factors convert reported data into relevant emission rates. Your statistics is traceable down to each individual data entry, offering proof that you follow requirements associated with certificates, legal standards and owner directives.


Having your entire sustainability scope stored and visualized in the same place allows you to export progress reports and statistical tables through a simple click. All material can be segmented by KPI’s, organizational units, time intervals, data measures and aspects. Connecting your KPI’s to your website or intranet allows you to communicate your sustainability work in real-time to different stakeholders and target audiences. Position Green can also be integrated with other systems, sharing your sustainability data with other interest groups in the organization.

Get started in a few hours

We start every client collaboration with a workshop where we translate your sustainability scope into our platform: which focus areas you want to include and which data measures should be reported on, where the data should be reported from and by whom, user access levels and according to what methods you wish to report and measure your data. Once we have built your structure we perform a quality check after which your data reporting process can begin.

Built-in standards

Connect your sustainability work to an established standard or add your own. We continuously add new standards requested by our clients.