Sustainability translated into a measurement structure

With Position Green Platform you can efficiently collect, analyse and report sustainability data from your entire organisation and value chain with full traceability.

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How it works

All sustainability data consolidated

Despite accelerated standards within sustainability reporting, corporate sustainability approaches vary. Our ESG software empowers organisations with a data-driven approach to sustainability through a platform that is completely adaptable according to different levels of ambition.

Collect, analyse, calculate and report sustainability data from internal sources, suppliers and company holdings through a workflow that is transparent and traceable. By consolidating all sustainability data on the same platform, Position Green enables a proactive sustainability approach.

One platform combining
three products

Position Green Platform consists of three separate products, that can be used individually or in combination.

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  • See easily how you can collect, analyse and report your data
  • Learn how the platform enables a more proactive approach to ESG

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“Position Green Platform is a means for us to lead our sustainability work, to set goals and targets, and communicate our level of ambition to both our employees and the rest of the world”

— Johan Lindström, Business Controller Midsona

“Position Green Platform is a fantastic software that helps us report sustainability on a high-quality level.”

— Christoffer Carlsmose, Corporate Sustainability Manager Menigo

Position Green Platform helps us meet the increasing demands placed by external stakeholders on data-driven sustainability, whilst allowing us to track and demonstrate our portfolio companies’ progress.”

— Elin Ljung, Head of Communications & Sustainability Nordic Capital

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“As a Position Green Platform user we play an active role in platform development. New platform features build on our needs as a customer.”

— Anna-Karin Wårfors, Sustainability Manager Nilörngruppen

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Through Position Green Platform, the quality of our sustainability data has increased, supporting us in reaching our sustainability targets.”

Thomas Olsson, The Absolut Company

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