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Unlocking Value – ESG Integration Throughout the Investment Cycle

Watch the first webinar of our Sustainable Investment series to explore how ESG can be integrated across all stages of the investment cycle. Listen to our expert panelists as they guide you through their experience from integrating ESG during pre-investment, portfolio transformation and exit.
Unlocking Value – ESG Integration Throughout the Investment Cycle

How can you use ESG to work proactively and help create value across the full investment cycle in the current landscape of increasing requirements and market expectations? Listen to our ESG experts as they share their insights and best practices.

Key points from the webinar include:

  • Risk and opportunities in the pre-investment phase
  • ESG in portfolio transformation
  • Enhancing long term portfolio value

Our panelists

Anna Ljungdal

Head of Sustainable Investments and Senior Investment Director


Phil Davis

Director of ESG

Helios Investment Partners

Anders Klinkby


Position Green


Rachel Shanks

Sales Team Leader & Account Manager

Position Green

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