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How to leverage ESG insights
throughout the investment cycle

Why is ESG due diligence business critical and how can ESG enhance portfolio value? The following guide provides general partners with information and recommendations on how to unlock equity value by utilising ESG insights and opportunities throughout the investment process.

Boost portfolio value and validate ESG claims

Increasing regulatory requirements and market expectations have sharpened investor focus on ESG in recent years. ESG policy implementation by general partners (GPs) is now greatly sought after by limited partners (LPs) right from the fundraising stage and throughout the investment cycle.

By utilising ESG insights at all stages of the investment process – from initial screening and due diligence to portfolio management and exit – GPs can create value and attract investments from a growing number of limited partners looking for ‘green’ funds with a resilient profile.

Download the following guide for information and insights on:

  • Why ESG due diligence is business critical
  • How to enhance long-term portfolio value with ESG
  • Importance of an active sustainability programme
  • How to choose the best ESG private equity software

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How to leverage ESG insights throughout the investment cycle