Anchoring a data-driven
approach to sustainability:
How to get executives and
directors on board

How can sustainability professionals secure the top-level buy-in required to boost sustainability performance? This guide provides key arguments and activities to engage your management and board and make sustainability a permanent topic on the agenda.

Communicating the value of sustainability

Successful and results-oriented corporate sustainability requires an engaged and supportive management team and board of directors that acknowledge the value of approaching sustainability as an integral part of the core business.

By communicating the benefits of data-driven sustainability from the perspectives of risk, compliance and competitive advantage, sustainability professionals can achieve the top-level buy-in needed to create positive impact in the short and long term – for people, planet and shareholders.

Download the guide and read about: 

  • The value of a data-driven approach to sustainability
  • Key arguments to get top-level stakeholders on board
  • Insights into market expectations on ESG performance
  • How do we make sustainability a permanent topic on the agenda?

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Sustainable Driven Management Guide