Ensure verification of your ESG reporting

We offer independent assurance of ESG reporting and ESG related frameworks, disclosures and green bonds.

Enhance ESG transparency through report validation

Independent sustainability assurance by independent auditors ensures that a company’s financial and non-financial data is accurate. It’s increasingly important in filling the gap between ESG disclosures and building stakeholder trust.

Investor and stakeholder focus on sustainability of a business is at an all-time high and companies are making bold claims about their targets, achievements and efforts to meet the ESG goals. However the accuracy and authenticity of the ESG reports often remains unverified. Stakeholders are now demanding authenticated information on the ESG performance of businesses. Failing to comply with this might lead to accusations of greenwashing or reporting distorted facts.

At Position Green Assurance we help companies do independent verification of sustainability data, ESG reporting, green bonds and sustainability linked bonds. We help identify risks, ensure accuracy in their reporting mechanisms and ESG data, while helping them improve the implementation of their ESG strategies.

Position Green Assurance is a registered  International Capital Market Association (ICMA) service provider, and conduct Second Party Opinion reviews of Green Bonds, Sustainability-Linked Bonds and Social Bonds in accordance with ICMA’s external review guidelines.

Our assurance offerings

Benefit from extensive expertise within green and sustainability-linked bonds and loans. Position Green is a preferred provider of Second-Party Opinions, and based on experience, compliance with international best practice, competitive pricing and efficient processes that meet client needs, we independently assess the integrity of the bond or loan.

Issuing Sustainability-Linked and Green bonds and loans often entails a stipulation or commitment to secure annual bond reporting assurance. Position Green can help deliver verifications services, thereby enhancing confidence in the accuracy of your reported figures.

Enhance your sustainability initiatives by ensuring the credibility of your Greenhouse Gas accounting. Whether you aim for a stronger CDP score or seek increased confidence in your reported figures, Position Green can help provide independent verification of your greenhouse gas emissions.

Solid climate reporting starts with accurate greenhouse gas inventories. Position Green has extensive experience in assisting clients with their GHG accounting in line with the GHG protocol standards and can assist companies in assessing data quality, calculations and reporting processes.

The CSRD mandates independent third-party assurance for sustainability reports, contingent on fulfilling key preconditions. These prerequisites include strong processes and robust internal controls for accurate reporting. Position Green assesses these preconditions and provides management actions to address assurance challenges.

“As the demand for independent verification of ESG reporting and frameworks continues to rise, we are leveraging our unmatched sustainability experience to assist clients through our newly established assurance division. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we provide comprehensive and reliable verification services, enhancing stakeholder confidence and fostering a more sustainable future.”

— Joachim Nahem, Executive Chairman at Position Green




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