Webinar: Navigating the Updated ESRS Draft – Key Changes and Implementation Roadmap

The draft of the ESRS proposed by the EU Commission has been published, and our team of experts has unpacked it. Listen as we guide you through the changes in the updated ESRS draft and discuss their practical implications.

The European Commission is currently seeking feedback on a Draft Act that focuses on the initial European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). This draft is based on the proposal submitted by the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) in November 2022.

The proposal introduces several changes to the EFRAG draft. Listen to our ESG experts as they present their findings on the updates.


Key points from the webinar include:

  • What are the main changes?
  • How should small, medium, and large companies prepare?
  • What are the core elements and key requirements?
  • What are the key learning points?
  • What does the timeline for implementation look like?

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Our panel includes

Felicia Gustafson

Product Manager & ESG Solutions Team Lead
Position Green

Ted Paulus

Position Green


Simon Taylor

Position Green