Methodology for Climate Calculations
and Emissions Factors at Position Green

Learn how Position Green works with companies to measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout their organisation and value chain.

Elevating transparency in greenhouse gas accounting

We believe that insight fuels action, so we are publishing a white paper to share the methodology that Position Green applies to carbon accounting and emissions factors.  

This white paper describes the approaches and processes behind the greenhouse gas accounting and use of emissions factors in generating high-quality, accurate data for companies. It also outlines how Position Green implements the guidelines and methodologies of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

While our ESG software provides transparency in terms of applicable emissions factors and sources, this document gives you deeper insights into Position Green’s calculation methodology and how we enable businesses to build self-sufficiency in their data management and reporting.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • Fundamentals of greenhouse gas accounting
  • Defining organisational boundaries
  • Data quality and emissions factors
  • Integrated ESG reporting standards & frameworks
  • Streamlined process for updated emissions factors

Methodology for Climate Calculations and Emissions Factors

Download the Position Green methodology