Supplier Assessment Software

Make your supply chain
more sustainable

Easily identify ESG risks and impact potential within your supply chain. Collect, analyse and report data from any supplier with full traceability and foster sustainable change.

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Streamline your data collection

Make it easy to get the right data from suppliers. Targeted surveys and custom metrics help you quickly gauge how suppliers measure up to your sustainability requirements. Zero in on risks and opportunities and harness data-powered insights for action.

Usability first

Designed to simplify

Ensure a smooth transition from in-depth instruction to user autonomy. Best practice dashboards, automatic reminders and a clear performance overview simplify transparent reporting for you and your suppliers.

Enable swift action on ESG impacts – from Scope 3 reduction to ethical production.

ESG benchmarking

Score and compare suppliers

Identify the metrics that guide supplier evaluation and accelerate ESG performance from day one. We help you benchmark suppliers against peers and industry standards and build a solid ground for supply chain sustainability that sets you apart.

Align with ESG frameworks

Confident compliance with regulations

Get started with Scope 3 tracking or human rights due diligence straight away. Access ready-to-go solutions aligned with CSRD, CSDDD and other key regulations, or structure your data in line with the standards that power your performance. 

Tap into built-in sustainability expertise to keep you one step ahead of compliance. 

Automatic supplier assessments

Automate and validate

Import sustainability data with ease through automated surveys and API integrations with other systems. Embedded validations, frequency selection and traceability ensure quality and compliance for a more sustainable supply chain.

Flexible structure and interface

Customise features for better functionality

It’s your ESG platform – tailored to the precise needs and structure of your business. Represent your organisational structure and supplier network for transparent and actionable oversight. Customise dashboards and surveys so that data-driven insights drive impact at scale. 

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