Webinar: ESRS – A tactical approach to consolidation and disaggregation

How can you consolidate your sustainability statement data in a way that’s clear and compliant while also realising the CSRD’s overarching objectives?

Many companies are struggling to determine how to best consolidate their ESRS data for their specific group structure. Find out which option could work for your business, get the latest regulatory insights, and see how software can simplify the sustainability statement challenge.

Key points from the webinar include:

  • An overview of CSRD objectives to enhance transparency and comparability
  • Breakdown of ESRS sustainability statement requirements and disaggregation guidelines
  • Data consolidation – greater transparency or obscuring the view?

Expert guidance on what steps to take:

Disaggregation may be preferred where

  • The subsidiaries are in diverse value chains (low overlap of material IROs)
  • IROs are largely managed at the subsidiary level
  • Relatively high level of autonomy

Consolidation may be preferred where

  • Subsidiaries are in the same value chain (high overlap of material IROs)
  •  IROs are largely managed at the group level
  • Relatively low level of control/autonomy of subsidiaries

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Our panel includes:

Julia Staunig
Chief Strategy Officer
Position Green

Ted Paulus
Senior Director
Position Green

Elin Larsson
Sales Team Leader
Position Green