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The annual review of ESG reporting of the 100 largest listed companies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden is now available online. Read more about it and download the report “ESG100 – Data for Decision-Makers” below.

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ESG100 2022

Demand for ESG data is growing rapidly to support decisions made by investors and a wide range of stakeholders, including policymakers, consumers, employees and civil society organisations. We have examined to what degree the corporate ESG reporting of the 100 largest listed companies in Sweden, Denmark and Norway (300 companies in total) provides valuable information for relevant and interested decision makers of both the financial and non-financial kind. The fifth edition of the ESG100 lands amid intense criticism of ESG:

  • Elon Musk has labelled it a scam, questioning how global oil major Exxon Mobil could place among the top 10 in a global ESG ranking, while Tesla failed to make the list.
  • The Economist argues that ESG is “exaggerated superficial guff” that must be ruthlessly streamlined and boiled down to a singular focus on emissions.
  • Regulators in Europe and the USA are working to strengthen and consolidate sustainability reporting requirements.

The intention of our assessment is not to name and shame the companies, but to assess the quality of their reporting and to highlight weaknesses in current reporting standards and regulations.

Are companies providing ESG data on material issues? Do they report according to established standards? Does the reporting include specific targets?

  • Only five out of three hundred companies disclose if and how executive pay is linked to sustainability performance
  • 53 percent of companies have not disclosed a plan to achieve net-zero emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and the EU’s climate goals
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Watch a short interview on the subject with Katarina Ageborg, Executive Vice-President Sustainability and President, AstraZeneca Sweden.


Watch a short interview on the subject with Timo Paulsson, Head of Strategy and Sustainability Governance, Volvo Cars.


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