Fuel your journey from compliance
to sustainable impact

We help companies build resilient and sustainable organisations. A unique combination of ESG software, advisory, e-learning and assurance that drives sustainability success and empowers positive change.

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Navigate the complex landscape that leads to better business in a more sustainable world. Position Green makes sustainability tangible, measurable and actionable to help accelerate your ESG performance and sharpen your competitive edge.

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What is the quality of ESG reporting in Scandinavia? Position Green conducts an annual review of ESG reporting of the 100 largest listed companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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Your pure play sustainability partner

Position Green combines leading ESG tech and human expertise to support companies through all stages of their sustainability journey – from compliance to sustainable impact.

Simplify and streamline
ESG data management

Our custom ESG software enables companies to accelerate their sustainability transformation through strategic planning, execution, capacity building and accurate sustainability accounting. The software comprises three core products that can be used individually or in combination.

Position Green Software

Build sustainability strategies
that drive change

Our team of sustainability advisors help companies make data-driven strategic decisions and provide the necessary hands-on expertise to reduce risk and accelerate value creation.

Position Green Advisory

ESG academy offering

Train your organisation
to boost sustainability impact

We offer e-learning courses and instructor-led training to help companies build new capabilities and drive their sustainability agenda.

Position Green Academy

Ensure verification
of your ESG reporting

With a separate legal entity, we offer independent sustainability assurance of ESG reporting and ESG related frameworks, disclosures and green bonds.

Position Green Assurance

Want to know how we can help you accelerate your sustainability agenda?

Position Green works with companies worldwide to help navigate an evolving regulatory landscape, accelerate sustainability performance and sharpen your competitive edge. Find out how Position Green can help fuel your sustainability transformation.

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ESG100 Methodology: Insight into the scoring and analysis of ESRS readiness

The 2023 ESG100 is the first large-scale study of how well prepared companies are for the ESRS, due to take effect in 2024.


Sustainable Edge: A Green Product Alone Will Not Make the Future Green – A Conversation with FREYR’s Hege Marie Norheim

Sustainable Edge: A Green Product Alone Will Not Make the Future Green – A Conversation with FREYR’s Hege Marie Norheim

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