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Streamline sustainability reporting and compliance to get the most out of your data, and your time. Easily collect, analyse and report accurate ESG data across business categories and get the insights you need to power performance.

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Software with quick-start functionality

A smooth start to
scalable impact

From easy onboarding and process automation to implementing transformation initiatives – move smoothly through set-up so you can focus on effective sustainability reporting and managing impact.

Performance overview

Access insights that push performance

Use real-time insights to drive high-impact decisions in the right direction for your company. Our sustainability reporting software gives you a clear and digestible overview of progress in line with your defined targets and KPIs.

Flexible structure

Customise as needed

It’s your sustainability management software – tailored to the precise needs and structure of your business. Represent your organisational structure, reporting cycles and more. Cut the distance from ESG data to timely decision making.

Audit readiness

Full traceability for reliable data

Instill trust and assurance with a full audit trail – easily identify what ESG data was changed, when and by whom. Effortlessly create consistent and comparable disclosures that keep step with the growing scrutiny of regulators and stakeholders.

Align with ESG frameworks

Ensure compliance from day one

Access pre-configured frameworks, disclosures and best practices straight out of the gate, or plug into any ESG framework or standard relevant to your business. 

Ready-to-go solutions come with built-in advisory expertise, making self-sufficient reporting the new business as usual – from ESRS and carbon accounting to human rights due diligence.

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