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Our digital tool collects, analyzes, visualizes and reports sustainability data in a smart way. Our customers achieve significant time savings, get their data validated and secured, avoid greenwashing, and they can focus on being proactive in their sustainability work. 

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To collect environmental and sustainability data can be done in many different ways. You can collect data manually with users that are deployed in your organization and using simple delegation features to ensure that they are the right person providing the information. You can collect data from your suppliers via tailored questionnaires, or directly into the tool. You can import data from Excel or automatically collect data from your existing IT-systems. You can also upload documents, images and other evidence showing that the collected data is correct. The possibilities are endless. 

Choose a simple way how you want to see and illustrate the information you collect. Cut your data in different ways and create graphs that clearly shows how you are doing. Visualize data in graphs and tables, and see how you improved compared to previous years and see in real time how you are to the goals you have set up. Compare between different organizational units and create further motivation for a better analysis of environmental and sustainability issues.

A great advantage of having all your environmental and sustainability data in one place is that you can effectively create the reports you need. In Position Green you can for example create a sustainability report to different authorities, environmental reports to municipalities and county administrative boards or decision support to management teams. Choose if you want to export automated reports directly or doing manual work to adjust it according to your specific needs. With our smart tagging system, the data can be sorted according to GRI, Global Impact or the standards you have chosen to report according to. Overall, increases transparency to the outside world and it will be easier to inform both customers and employees at the company about how you work with sustainability.

In our controlling view, you have total control and overview. You can easily see status on your collected data, who registered what information and when. All data is traceable and smart features for sending reminders saves you a lot of time instead of chasing the information. You can focus on analyzing your data and devote time to a more proactive in your environmental and sustainability work.

Benefits with Position Green

Saves precious time

Simplifies the complex

Effective and dynamic

Manages all standards

Collects data from different scources

User-friendly and intuitive

Empowers your decisions

Provides history and traceability

Simplifies the complex

At first glance, collecting sustainability data seems relatively simple, but in reality, the actual collecting becomes very complex. There are many different dimensions to consider, and it comes to building up a logical structure that can be used throughout the organization. These are all things that quickly become more efficient in Position Green.


How does it work?

To simply explain how the tool works, it can be described in three steps:

1. The data can be collected i many different ways.

2. When the data is collected the tool sorts, calculates, analyzes and you can monitor the data.

3. The data can be exported in many different ways: various types of reports, graphs, in real time on a screen, etc.

How do you work with your sustainability data today?

In the absence of other, most companies and organizations use software like Word, Excel and SharePoint for collecting and managing environmental and sustainability data. These are great programs, but not built to collect and manage complex environmental and sustainability data. In Position Green, you do not need to spend precious time to hunt for the data you need to collect. You can easily collect information from various sources, such as connecting your existing IT-systems and automatically transfer the data you need. You get a total overview of your sustainability footprint and where you stand against the goals you have set. It will be easier to take a new position in your sustainability efforts.

Project management and customizations

Position Green offers project management in order to suport your environmental and sustainability work. We also assist with customizations of the tool and custom modules.

We want to help our customers to gain a strong position in their environmental work by being clear about its environmental impact and to create confidence in how they work with it. We want to create better decision support and support efforts to create commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.


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Responsibility for a sustainable society

All organizations that want to take responsibility for our environment and contribute to a sustainable society needs to collect, structure and evaluate environmental and sustainability data. Working with correct data will be crucial and common tools and approaches is essential to cope with this. It will be important to collect environmental and sustainability reports to legislators, regulatory and quality assurance, to link costs to EIA / saving, ease environmental and sustainability audits and to compare with other companies and organizations. Not least, it will be important to measure its impact in order to do something about it.