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Texcon empowers a sustainable community in textiles and fashion

Morten Bratterud, Membership Manager at Texcon, sits down to discuss sustainability in the textile and fashion industry and how Position Green supports them in their human rights due diligence and supply chain management.

As Norway’s leading collaboration of textile retailers, Texcon is looking to drive the industry’s sustainability by ensuring sustainable operations, making demands on suppliers and helping consumers to make informed, sustainable choices through strategic communication of ESG credentials.

Supply chain transparency and a human rights focus

In their role as purchasing partner for more than 300 member stores, Texcon strives to elevate the industry’s sustainability ambitions with ongoing initiatives in areas such as waste management, energy use, the purchase of consumables and transport. To meet the Human Rights Due Diligence requirements of the Norwegian Transparency Act and improve supply chain management, Texcon saw the need for a more efficient and flexible solution – both for data collection and reporting and for building a good strategy and action plan for their human rights and sustainability work.

The textile industry faces great challenges in this area. When conducting human rights due diligence, it’s vital that we can interpret the data coherently and communicate this to suppliers so they can make improvements.

End-to-end support in Human Rights Due Diligence

Texcon recognised the need for dedicated support to ensure both regulatory compliance and enhance the sustainability efforts of their organisation, members and suppliers. Working with Position Green’s full-cycle Human Rights Due Diligence Solution, Texcon utilises custom software together with deep industry knowledge and hands-on advisory expertise to assess, analyse and mitigate their human rights impacts throughout the value chain. Surveys are used to assess their suppliers’ adherence to human right principles and identify where improvements can be made.  

“Position Green helps Texcon with human rights due diligence and guide their suppliers”

Morten Bratterud – Membership Manager at Texcon

Communication is key in the sustainability work

Through collaborating with Position Green, Texcon has been able to communicate their human rights ambitions to suppliers and an understanding of what they need in order to improve their own and their members’ sustainability efforts. In addition to regulators, Texcon’s members and textile customers are increasingly demanding sustainable practices. The goal is for Texcon to use the high-quality data reported under the Transparency Act, and the upcoming CSRD requirements, to communicate their own and their members’ human rights efforts and overall ESG performance to a range of stakeholders and the public.  

“It’s important for us and our members to communicate to the public that we are taking human rights seriously. It’s work we need patience for, but also forward motion. It is not about being perfect today but rather working to continuously improve.”

About Texcon

Texcon is Norway’s leading purchasing partner for independent fashion stores. The Group provides members in the collaboration with a strong foundation on which to build and run an efficient and profitable business, including substantial financial benefits, access to a wide selection of products, group invoicing, expert advice and a thriving community. Texcon represents over 300 member stores, including many of Norway’s most profitable retailers.

Texcon’s mission is to create the strongest community within textiles, and to give their members the motivation, the tools and the security they need to follow their passion.

The head office of Texcon was certified as an Eco-Lighthouse in February 2023.

Position Green supports Texcon with our integrated solutions for Human Rights Due Diligence.

Read more about Texcon’s sustainability work.

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