How to unlock business
value with sustainability management software

Reliable, traceable sustainability data is a must for companies looking to comply with a maze of ESG regulations while capturing opportunities to stand out as a sustainability leader. So how can sustainability management software help you cut through the complex and sharpen your edge?

Companies across industries now need to collect, measure and report on a complex set of sustainability data to reduce their environmental impacts, gain insights for strategic decision-making, and meet the growing transparency demands of regulators, investors and stakeholders. Tackling this has proven a challenge for many, and it’s here that effective sustainability software can help tip the scales.

How can sustainability software benefit my business?

Leading global research and advisory company Forrester has included Position Green as one of 25 notable vendors in its recent landscape report ‘The Sustainability Management Software Landscape, Q1 2024’. Their overview highlights certain ways in which this kind of software is helping sustainability and risk professionals in the current market to:  

  1. Simplify and streamline data management
    The software makes it easier to manage complex sustainability data from multiple internal and external sources and meet the increasing demand for transparent, high-quality data – both for decision-making and the scrutiny of auditors and other stakeholders.

  2. Develop a strategy together with data-driven actions
    Clear visualisations can enable the analysis and real-time tracking of sustainability efforts against science-based targets and other goals, and pinpoint areas of improvement. Organisations can also use the management tools in setting sustainability goals and conducting effective materiality assessments.

  3. Report in line with multiple standards and frameworks
    Evolving government mandates, such as the CSRD in Europe and proposed climate disclosures in the US, require a growing number of companies to seek out solutions that automate and elevate their reporting for a range of ESG standards and frameworks. Excel files and manual methods are becoming inefficient in strategising for the long term.

What do companies expect from ESG software?

The Forrester overview identifies several core use cases that those looking for software expect to be fulfilled: sustainability data collection and management, carbon accounting and calculation, reporting and disclosure, and ESG risk management. 

While these capabilities will be key in choosing ESG software that aligns with your business needs and structure, it’s also important that the software is adaptable – both to evolving reporting demands and your sustainability ambitions over time.

How can Position Green help?

By accessing a complete suite of sustainability management software designed by leading advisors, you can take steps to automate compliance and uncover new opportunities for impact. 

  • Achieve compliant reporting in no time
    Access ready-to-go solutions for regulated and mandatory ESG frameworks – from CSRD and ESRS reporting to reliable carbon accounting and supply chain sustainability.
  • Consolidate your ESG data
    Ensure seamless functionality through API integrations with your own and other systems. Streamline your workflows and break through the data silos that stand between you and your sustainability goals.
  • Customise the structure to your needs
    Slice, tag and aggregate your data within the software’s customisable tree structure. This gives you a strategic overview of progress and allows you to determine which sites need to report on which metrics.
  • Get expert guidance
    Our team of sustainability experts are on hand to advise on tasks such as double materiality assessments, human rights saliency assessments, and climate risk and scenario analysis, which can then be seamlessly incorporated in the software.

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