ESG factors in
the manufacturing industry

Manufacturers face certain unique challenges in improving ESG performance and tracking, where extensive regulatory scrutiny of working conditions, ethical sourcing and environmental impact is combined with a lack of transparency in the supply chain.

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Integrating sustainability as a value creator

Position Green helps streamline data management and build strategies that generate impact.

Increasing distributor demands for granular ESG data, together with a wave of corporate sustainability legislation and growing expectations from customers and employees, are pushing ESG concerns to the top of the agenda for manufacturers. From local labour standards and materials sourcing to emissions and natural resource consumption, industry actors need to consolidate all the non-financial data spread across the organisation and value chain, while also measuring what matters most to ensure company survival and growth.

Flexible structure

Customise for the manufacturing industry

Collect and analyse reliable data from your organisation, factories and suppliers. Monitor KPIs – such as energy, CO2, waste, and health & safety – to identify best practices and areas of improvement.

Regulatory compliance

Align with ESG frameworks

Streamline ESG reporting with ready-made templates and structured data collection in line with industry-relevant regulations and standards, e.g. mandatory ESRS disclosures (working conditions, environment etc.), GHG Protocol, GRI.


In-depth gap analysis

Develop an impactful strategy based on ESG-related impacts, risks and opportunities, bridge your compliance gaps, and set realistic targets through data-driven insights.


Streamline your processes

Easily distribute and share data between supplier and manufacturing to help accelerate efforts to fulfill ESG goals. Effectively communicate sustainability ambitions throughout your organisation and supply chain.

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ESG solutions for the manufacturing industry

Gain an overview of how well you manage human rights and where the risks are within your own operations, factories and value chain. Score your suppliers’ adherence to human rights principles through surveys and data reporting in the software platform.

End-to-end sustainability

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