Key takeaways from the first ESRS-aligned sustainability statements

The first sustainability statements aligned with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) have just been published. The reports come from companies in the energy, IT, manufacturing, metals and mining, offshore and logistics industries, several of which are customers of Position Green.

In this webinar, our sustainability reporting experts will be looking at what lessons can be drawn from these first examples of ESRS sustainability statements. They’ll be sharing tips and tools already gained from writing ESRS-aligned sustainability statements for the 2023 reporting season.

The webinar will cover:

  • What the first ESRS reports do well and what you can implement in your 2024 report 
  • Examples of best practice impacts, risks and opportunities (IROs) 
  • How to be ESRS compliant while connecting to your company narrative 
  • Advanced tips on structuring and designing your ESRS sustainability statement 
  • A review of the limited assurance statements 
  • Tools to help you write your ESRS sustainability statement

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Our panel includes:

Simon Taylor ESRS webinar moderator

Simon Taylor
Senior Director
Position Green

olivia krall esrs webinar

Olivia Krall
Position Green

Calum Revfem
Position Green