An introduction to
the ISSB Standards
for US companies

In June 2023, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation issued two standards with the aim to provide a new global baseline for sustainability disclosures.

Adoption of the ISSB and interoperability with other standards and frameworks 

The complex nature of global climate and sustainability reporting necessitates a system to compare requirements between standards and reduce the disclosure burden for companies. Interoperability is therefore fundamental to the success of global sustainability disclosures.

Jurisdictional and voluntary standard-setters, including the ISSB and GRI, are committed to building interoperability through comparable indexing, technical guidance, and digital tagging.

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  • Start date for the ISSB annual reporting period
  • How ISSB is working towards interoperability with other standards and frameworks
  • ISSB adoption and alignment efforts
  • Transition reliefs on first year reporting

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