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Navigating GHG reduction and energy efficiency at Ambient Enterprises

In this interview, Jenna Prasad, Head of Sustainability at Ambient Enterprises, discusses Ambient’s sustainability journey with Position Green. Read more to find out how Position Green’s platform has enabled data centralization and sustainability reporting, real-time energy consumption tracking and seamless integration of new acquisitions.

As a company at the forefront of eco-friendly innovation, Ambient has adopted Position Green’s sustainability reporting software to enhance their environmental impact analysis and reporting capabilities. This strategic tool has enabled the company to seamlessly integrate sustainability into every aspect of their operations, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to implementing energy-efficient measures across their portfolio. In this article, Jenna will share her firsthand experiences with the software’s impact, detailing how it has revolutionized Ambient’s approach to sustainability, and paved the way for significant environmental improvements. Read on to discover how Ambient Enterprises is setting new standards in sustainability with the help of Position Green’s cutting-edge technology.

What was the starting point of your sustainability work?

As seasoned HVAC design and implementation experts with decades of experience supporting the built environment, we understand the environmental benefits of energy efficiency and decarbonisation efforts worldwide. We’re dedicated to providing comfort, safety, and satisfaction to our clients while helping them reach their sustainability goals through innovative, cutting-edge solutions. This commitment, however, extends beyond our customers. Our employees and partners deserve to thrive in safe and sustainable workplaces. That’s why we first looked inward and established our internal pledge to environmental stewardship. Our initiative to track our GHG emissions laid the foundation for developing strategies for reducing our carbon footprint and implementing sustainable practices within all aspects of our operations, ensuring the well-being of our entire ecosystem.

What were Ambient’s primary objectives for involving Position Green in your sustainability reporting?

Our collaboration with Position Green was a strategic move to effectively track energy consumption across all Ambient brands. We recognized the need to centralise our data, and Position Green’s platform provided the perfect solution. Beyond data tracking, we wanted to analyze our consumption through year-by-year comparisons. Position Green’s Analytics feature allows us to gain real-time insights into our progress so that we can effectively fine-tune our reduction strategies.

Were there any unexpected benefits or outcomes from working with Position Green?

In recent years, our collective has experienced unprecedented growth, both organically and through acquisitions. Throughout this expansion, the scalability of Position Green’s platform has been an invaluable feature; we’re able to seamlessly integrate our brand partners into our emissions tracking process, ensuring a smooth transition into our overall sustainability strategy. However, the advantages of our collaboration extend beyond the platform itself. Since our journey began, the Position Green team has served as a trusted partner, and they’ve worked closely with us to determine material information and the most effective methods of acquiring it. Their expertise has played a significant role in shaping our sustainability strategy, ensuring that we’re implementing best practices for long-term success.

“The scalability of Position Green’s platform has been an invaluable feature”

Jenna Prasad – Head of Sustainability at Ambient Enterprises

What are your long-term sustainability ambitions?

Our collective is ever-expanding, and we aim to facilitate every new brand’s integration into our sustainability initiative by using the platform’s scalability to its fullest. Beyond that, we’ve been working hand in hand with Position Green to build and implement a robust strategy to track and analyse data related to our Scope 3 emissions onto their platform. Starting in 2025, with Position Green’s help, we plan to calculate our Scope 3 carbon footprint for the previous year. As we continue implementing emissions reduction and energy conservation measures, our partnership with Position Green enables us to understand our progress, note our shortcomings, and strategise for the future.

About Ambient

Ambient is a collective of HVAC design and implementation experts who help to design, install, problem-solve, and service the right custom HVAC solution for every building. Their experts merge craft with care, delivering safety, 
comfort, and highly efficient, sustainable solutions for spaces that
matter most: healthcare, commercial, and residential.

Since 2021, Ambient has increased their physical footprint by over 80,000 square feet, more than doubling in size. Ambient is primarily located on the East and West Coasts, but their portfolio of trusted partners continues to grow.

Position Green supports Ambient with our sustainability reporting software.

Learn more about Ambient’s sustainability work.

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