ESG as a value driver
in real estate


There is a vast quantity of data in the real estate sector, and collecting, analyzing, and actioning this presents a key challenge. Position Green provides real estate players with accurate, traceable ESG data and expert insights to ensure regulatory compliance, investment opportunities and a viable carbon reduction strategy.


Tackling transparency to fuel net zero goals

Driven by investor and regulatory demands and a considerable carbon footprint, the real estate sector has been one of the early adopters of ESG. However, ESG data management presents a complex challenge as real estate companies wrestle with an array of data sources, integration issues and stakeholder requirements. This is underpinned by the growing scrutiny of environmental and social impacts by investors, tenants and other stakeholders.

Ensuring data integrity and consistency across properties and portfolios is critical for transparent ESG reporting, effective decision-making, global benchmarking (GRESB) and ESG performance assessment. With extensive experience and a dedicated team of industry experts, Position Green combines ESG software and advisory to help real estate players navigate the inherent risks and opportunities of ESG and accelerate their sustainability journey.

  • Utilize leading ESG software to collect and analyze ESG data from all operations, identify areas for improvement and mitigate risks in areas such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and social impact. 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with ready-made templates and structured data collection according to relevant industry standards and legislations, e.g. EU Taxonomy, ESRS. Leverage expert guidance in defining ESG metrics and gain insight into real estate best practices.
  • Benchmark your performance against industry peers and compare key ESG metrics to obtain actionable insights. Our experts help interpret results, conduct gap analysis and plan actions and investments to enhance ESG performance.
  • Develop and implement solid and realistic ESG and Net Zero strategies for your organization and building portfolio. We guide clients with data-driven insights and a deep understanding of applicable frameworks, methods and implementation.
  • Conduct Human Rights Due Diligence and assess where related risks are within your own operations and supply chain. Develop HRDD policy documents and procedures, conduct assessments to prioritize human rights issues and close HRDD compliance gaps.

ESG in the real estate sector

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ESG in Real Estate

Customer success story

AF Bostäder needed to become resilient

“Position Green facilitates progress towards our sustainability goals since the tool simplifies both follow-up and evaluation of the work that is being done. Sustainability has become tangible!”

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Implement our full-cycle ESG Solutions for applicable standards and frameworks

Position Green’s full-cycle ESG Solutions enable real estate players to map, collect, analyse and report sustainability data across multiple ESG domains and standards. We guide you through all steps of the journey to help streamline processes, build capacity and develop data-driven strategies that fuel your sustainability performance.

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