ESG opportunity in the power industry


Energy producers face increasing pressure from investors, regulators and stakeholders to establish and publicize their ESG goals. Position Green enables energy companies to streamline ESG reporting and embed sustainability strategies that reduce risk and create value on the path to net zero.


Taking steps to decarbonize the energy sector

The global focus on reducing carbon emissions has brought the utilities sector under sharp scrutiny. Market forces and global regulations are driving a growing demand for a strong ESG plan and a clear path to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Energy companies are confronted with the complex task of meeting compliance requirements, managing reputational risk, satisfying stakeholder demands and achieving greater socioeconomic impact in their sustainability work.

Tackling these challenges requires efficient ESG data management and value chain oversight, together with a compelling narrative that builds stakeholder trust. Position Green combines purpose-built ESG software and specialized advisory expertise to help energy companies mitigate risks, comply with regulations, streamline health and safety management and improve sustainability performance towards clear-set goals.

  • Collect, verify, and analyze quality ESG data from your entire organization and value chain, providing a clear picture of sustainability performance and identifying areas for efficiency improvements. Accurately measure and track greenhouse gas emissions against set targets.
  • Report ESG data with the same rigor as financial data. Ensure regulatory compliance with ready-made templates and structured data collection according to relevant industry standards and legislations, e.g. ESRS, GHG Protocol, GRI.
  • Benchmark against industry peers for a comparative analysis of key ESG metrics. Our sustainability experts assist with actionable insights, gap analysis and prioritizations to elevate ESG performance.
  • Develop and implement robust and viable ESG and Net Zero strategies for your organization. We guide clients with a data-driven approach and a deep understanding of applicable frameworks, methods and implementation.
  • Communicate your sustainability performance to stakeholders, customers and investors through transparent disclosures and a well-articulated strategy.

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Position Green works with companies worldwide to help navigate an evolving regulatory landscape, accelerate sustainability performance and sharpen your competitive edge. Find out how Position Green can help fuel your sustainability transformation.

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Methodology for Climate Calculations
and Emissions Factors

Learn how Position Green works with companies to measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout their organization and value chain.

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Implement our full-cycle ESG Solutions for applicable standards and frameworks

Position Green’s full-cycle ESG Solutions enable energy companies to map, collect, analyze and report sustainability data across multiple ESG domains and standards. We guide you through all steps of the journey to help streamline processes, build capacity and develop data-driven strategies that fuel your sustainability performance.

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