UK’s SDR regime:
First looks and next steps

Learn how the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) will affect UK firms and how to prepare for this new landmark regulation. What are the core elements of the regime, how does it relate to the SFDR, and what key takeaways can help you on your way?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) estimates 1,400 UK asset managers are in scope of the SDR disclosure rules, and an estimated 5,500 firms are affected by the targeting rules. 

With the SDR ready to reshape the marketing and labelling of financial products in the coming years, it is crucial that firms understand and adapt to the SDR – both to ensure compliance and a resilient profile in terms of sustainable financial practices and to avoid greenwashing accusations.

Download the guide and read about:

  • What is the SDR?
  • Key takeaways from the final release
  • Core elements of the SDR regime and timeline
  • How do the SDR and SFDR relate to each other?
  • 3 next steps in preparing for the SDR

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