ESG integration in private market investments and financing


Private market players are challenged with navigating complex ESG regulations, obtaining quality ESG data from portfolio companies, meeting demands from limited partners and working proactively to create value through ESG integration. Position Green helps general partners work with all aspects of their investment journey – from initial screening and due diligence to holding period and exit.

Harnessing the power of ESG integration in Private Equity

As expectations on ESG integration continue to increase for private equity and venture capital, general partners struggle with negotiating the regulatory landscape, securing reliable ESG data, engaging portfolio companies in sustainable practices and effectively communicating sustainability commitments. Demand for more sustainable products from limited partners, aimed at mitigating risk connected to value creation over the investment period, is also creating fundraising challenges.

Overcoming these obstacles requires proactive efforts, collaboration with ESG experts, and the implementation of robust strategies to improve risk management and identify investment opportunities that can generate long-term value. Position Green combines cutting-edge ESG software and advisory expertise to help create value for private market players throughout the investment cycle – from due diligence to exit.

  • Implement a flexible data management system to collect, analyse and report ESG data from your entire organisation and portfolio companies. Ensure regulatory compliance with ready-made templates and structured data collection according to relevant industry standards and legislations, e.g. SFDR, SBTi.
  • Screen and conduct ESG due diligence to identify potential ESG impacts, risks and opportunities before investing. Our analytical framework is tailored to the priorities of your business and industry and assures that potential investments align with coming regulations and disclosures.
  • Monitor your investment’s sustainability performance and work proactively with investor reporting, risk and impact assessment on all levels. Our customised post-investment solution ensures a structured overview and facilitates auditing through full data traceability.
  • Build strategies that reduce ESG investment risk and create value. Leverage our extensive market knowledge and experience to generate data-driven insights, reduce complexity and enable prioritisation, decisions and actions.
  • Benefit from leading advisory expertise within green and sustainability-linked financing instruments. Position Green is the preferred provider of advice on green financing to several of the world’s leading debt investors.

ESG in the finance sector

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Position Green’s award-winning full-cycle investment software supports general and limited partners during the entire investment cycle – from screening new investment opportunities and conducting ESG due diligence for potential investments to monitoring their portfolio while invested.

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