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GRI Reporting Software

GRI Standards – Global Reporting Initiative

Collect, structure and report your sustainability data in line with GRI Standards to communicate your impacts to stakeholders and investors in a transparent way.

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Accurately report your company’s impacts on the economy, environment and people in line with GRI Standards and ensure transparency and comparability for a range of internal and external stakeholders. Position Green’s integrated GRI Solution helps you manage, analyse and report your company’s sustainability information in compliance with GRI disclosure guidelines and gain data-driven insights that fuel your ESG ambitions.

High-impact GRI reporting features

Simplify data management with flexible ESG software

Easily collect, analyse and report all sustainability data in line with the GRI Standards in our tailored platform.


High-impact GRI reporting features

Adoptable digital templates

Utilise digital templates built on the updated 2021 GRI Standards, adapted to your organisation’s needs based on your materiality analysis or preferences.


High-impact GRI reporting features

GRI index

Export your reported disclosures as a GRI index that can be added to your annual report.


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Advisory that takes your further

Develop a strong narrative for your ESG performance together with our sustainability consultants and get guidance on your GRI disclosures.


Accelerate impact with enterprise-wide learning

Engage in instructor-led training by GRI certified instructors to get a comprehensive understanding of the GRI Standards and how to apply them in practice.

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GRI at a glance

What is GRI?

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) is an independent, international standards organisation that helps businesses, governments and other organisations take responsibility for and clearly communicate their impacts on the world. 

GRI provide the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting standards which cover topics ranging from biodiversity to tax, waste to emissions, diversity and equality to health and safety. Through the common language created by these standards, GRI reporting enables transparency and dialogue between companies and their stakeholders.

Who uses the GRI Standards?

The internationally recognised GRI Standards provide a structure for organisations to publicly report their impacts on the economy, environment and people in a way that ensures transparency and comparability for a range of stakeholders. The Standards guide organisations in how to measure and track data from the whole spectrum of ESG and represent one of the most widely used standards in sustainability among both large and medium-sized companies around the world. 

Any organisation – regardless of size, sector, or public or private status – can use the GRI Standards. The GRI Standards enable organisations to provide evidence on their impacts and performance and outline their management approach, including goals and targets linked to each material topic. Businesses can use the information disclosures to evaluate and guide strategy, decision making and target setting linked to their sustainability efforts and ESG agenda. GRI disclosures are also a valuable source of information for investors to asses a company’s sustainability performance, identify risks and evaluate long-term growth potential.

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