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MTG sets a high bar for sustainability as an industry game changer

Sofie Folkeson, Head of Customer Success at Position Green, met with Catarina Larsson, Head of Corporate Sustainability at MTG, to discuss challenges within sustainability, the benefits of good data management and how Position Green has helped them in their transformation journey.

International gaming group MTG is using ambitious sustainability targets and a data-driven approach to promote inclusive workplaces, enhance sustainability governance and halve their value chain emissions by 2032. 

What was the starting point in MTG’s sustainability work? What needs were identified?

MTG’s sustainability strategy has evolved over the past 15 years to address new and changing needs – from a focus on philanthropy and social impact to incorporating environmental aspects and broader employee considerations. With sustainability at the forefront of their mission, they measure GHG emissions, promote employee health and safety and strive to provide inclusive workplaces. As a gaming industry leader, MTG recognises the importance of prioritising both employees and the people they interact with.

“Employees are the core of our business. Without them we’re nothing.

How has MTG addressed specific ESG challenges within their industry?

MTG has approached ESG-related risks and challenges in their industry with a strong focus on the “Social”. Targeted efforts are aimed at attracting and retaining talent by creating welcoming workplaces with diversity and inclusion initiatives, equal salaries and transparent communication. With five studios across the globe, MTG has worked to elevate cultural sensitivity and inclusion through unconscious bias training and regular communication between HR teams and employees to identify and mitigate risks.

“The urgent need to address issues of diversity, equality and inclusion has been a real wake-up call for our industry.”

How has working with Position Green helped fuel MTG’s sustainability transformation?

MTG finds that tasks such as calculating GHG emissions, accessing and auditing data and collecting social measures have been simplified using Position Green’s ESG software. The solutions have helped them stay on top of new EU regulatory requirements and guidelines as well as implement smooth reporting processes, ensuring data transparency for investors and stakeholders. The data-driven approach enabled by the collaboration helps MTG identify opportunities to reduce their environmental impact, improve social performance and create value. 

“I fell for the simplicity of the platform. I can quickly access and extract data to compile reports, or easily test out new targets to see where our sustainability work can be improved.” 

Hear the complete interview by clicking on the video above.

“We fell for the software’s simplicity for swift data access and analysis.”

Catarina Larsson – Head of Corporate Sustainability

 About MTG

MTG (Modern Times Group) is an international, mobile-first gaming group that offers players all over the world a wide range of popular game franchises. Headquartered in Stockholm and with five studios worldwide, their current portfolio includes evergreen gaming franchises such as Forge of Empires, Top Drives, Bloons, Animation Throwdown and word games like CrossWord Jam. MTG aims to build an international gaming village where entrepreneurs can come together to enjoy a thriving ecosystem of tech and knowledge and accelerate their businesses. 

Position Green supports MTG with our integrated solutions for reporting in line with GRI Standards and the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

MTG has used data analysis, for example, to identify opportunities for energy savings in their facilities, resulting in a 5.5% decrease in energy consumption per employee in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Read the MTG Sustainability Report.

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