ESG100 Benchmark

Alongside the ESG100 report, we are proud to announce the launch of the Position Green ESG100 Benchmark – a software solution specifically developed for understanding your company’s ESG reporting performance and comparing it against your peers and the market to keep track of how they are evolving.

esg100 benchmark

Turn data into actionable insights with the Position Green ESG100 Benchmark

The interactive ESG100 Benchmark is designed by our team of experienced in-house experts. We can offer your company a detailed ESG100 score, the possibility to benchmark your results against the 300 rated companies from the ESG100 report and annual insights sessions to help improve your ESG reporting performance. 

We provide a free introduction session, including a demo of the new ESG100 Benchmark. If your company has obtained a ranking in our ESG100 report, you will receive a brief walk through of your company specific result.

Book a session with our in-house experts:

  • Debrief of your company’s ESG100 score*
  • Demo of the Position Green ESG100 Benchmark
  • Presentation of our offering and license information

* If your company has not received a ranking in the ESG100 report, you can still book a free, non-binding demo for the ESG100 Benchmark. However, we will not be able to provide you with an ESG100 scoring debrief. If you decide to move forward after the demo, our team of experts can support by providing a score.

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About the ESG100 report

High-quality ESG data is fast becoming the driving factor in decisions made by investors and a wide range of stakeholders. Position Green conducts an annual ESG100 analysis that examines the degree to which the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting of the 100 largest listed companies from each Scandinavian market provide valuable information for decision makers of both the financial and non-financial kind. The main focus for the 2023 edition of the ESG100 report is the new European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). 

About Position Green

Born in the Nordics, we empower companies worldwide to transform and succeed in the evolving landscape of sustainable enterprise. We blend cutting-edge ESG software with deep sector knowledge and advisory expertise to fuel the journey of competitive businesses – from compliance to sustainable impact.