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Position Green is a data-driven platform tailored to support organizations to collect, manage, visualize and report sustainability data in one and the same place. Achieve a simpler, smarter and more efficient approach to sustainability reporting.

Gaining access to accurate and traceable data allows you to raise awareness, take action and make progress towards a more sustainable organization.

Position Green helps you become a champion of sustainability.

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"Position Green is a fantastic tool that helps us to report sustainability at a high level."

A platform in the cloud


Making your company more sustainable should be simple, fun and efficient. To achieve structure in what can sometimes feel complex and chaotic you need a dedicated tool that stores all sustainability data in one and the same place. You need a tool that makes the process of collecting and reporting data traceable and smart.

Position Green lets you collect sustainability data from your entire organization and value chain, including suppliers. Data can be imported both manually and through automated integrations with various data sources. Position Green benchmarks your progress according to your KPI’s, performs automatic emission calculations, and lets you report based on integrated measurement and reporting standards such as GRI and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Position Green structures your data for your sustainability report and stores it in a fully traceable manner. By giving you a full overview of your sustainability initiatives across all areas, Position Green lets you achieve continuity and proactivity in your work towards your sustainability goals.

Our clients

We are proud to be the chosen partner for over 70 different organizations of various sizes and industries.

Advantages of using Position Green

Simplicity, clarity and transparency with all data stored in the same place

Adaptable to every client’s unique needs and level of ambition

Time and cost efficient

Continuous platform development guarantees that your sustainability work is up-to-date

Automated data collection, visualization and reporting

Traceable data builds stakeholder trust

Built-in standards such as GRI, UN SDG’s, ISO, GHG, UN PRI, etc.

Built-in best practises and knowledge


Collects your sustainability scope in the cloud

Position Green collects and stores sustainability data from your organization, your suppliers, clients, portfolio companies and other external partners. Position Green stores all data securely in the cloud, making it easily accessible and traceable for all relevant stakeholders.

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Collects data automatically from other sources and systems

Position Green lets you collect relevant data from other sources and systems through open API’s, making the data collection process efficient and streamlined.

Responsibility for a sustainable society

Sustainability as a field has virtually exploded over the past years, with new dimensions added continuously. It has become a field that requires specialized knowledge of environmental, financial and social frameworks. All organizations with an aim to contribute to a sustainable society need to measure their impact, not only in order to keep track on their internal KPIs, but also to report to legal and financial stakeholders, certification bodies and external auditors. Moreover, producing a sustainability report has become a way of not only living up to legal requirements connected to company size and turnover, but also communicating the company’s level of ambition and to compare it with other actors within the same industry. Working efficiently according to a set-out strategy and sustainability agenda requires a dedicated tool that houses not only all sustainability data, but also the specialized functions and knowledge needed to reach goals and fulfil strategies. Unlocking the power of sustainability data is essential in order to prove, act and make a change.

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