Supplier assessment

Efficiently collect, analyse and report sustainability data from your entire supply chain or just a few suppliers with full traceability.

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Why companies choose our Supplier assessment software

With our Supplier assessment software you can collect data in a structured way according to sustainability standards and indexes of choice. Achieve a quality assured approach on how well your suppliers meet your sustainability requirements and receive the insights necessary to take action.

  • Collect all data in one place 
  • Create custom surveys 
  • Achieve compliance with new ESG regulations
  • Improve supplier response rate

Supply chain translated into a measurement structure

Your supply chain is translated into a measurement structure including all aspects, measurement points and suppliers to be assessed in relation to your corporate sustainability goals and focus areas. Built-in reporting standards and best practice provide an efficient start.

Automate your data collection and validation

Import sustainability data through automated surveys via email, Excel sheets or integrations with other systems, like Power BI and Qlik. Embedded validations, frequency selection and traceability ensure quality and compliance.

Analyze and export

Work proactively with all information through dashboard charts, benchmarking and visualizations. Export and integrate data with other platforms to make progress available to a wider audience and third party stakeholders.

Designed to make your work life easier

The Supplier assessment software is designed for user autonomy, providing embedded instructions throughout both the set-up and reporting processes. Clear reporting and controlling instructions are shared at all levels, allowing autonomy in using features such as sending reminder emails, access user activity, track progress and performance areas. 

Achieve compliance with new ESG regulations

Track data and visualise progress according to built-in sustainability standard and index tags:

  • GRI
  • EU Taxonomy 
  • SFDR
  • UN SDGs
  • ISO 14001 & 26000
  • TCFD
  • CDP
  • UN Global Compact
  • UN PRI
  • GHG Protocol

New standards may be added by request.

One dedicated team.
Many opportunities.

We believe that collaboration accelerates impact. Therefore, you will get a dedicated team to guide and advise you along your ESG transformation.

For example, you will be supported by a Sustainability Platform Manager from our Customer Success Team, acting as the primary point of contact throughout the onboarding process and for all questions related to continuously optimising the measurement structure according to general and industry specific needs. The collective knowledge and expertise of our Sustainability Platform Managers are translated into Position Green Platform’s features and built-in best practices.

How it works

  1. The customer onboarding starts with a workshop where we analyze all sustainability material received beforehand
  2. We map it up in the Supplier assessment software to create a sustainability measurement structure that includes all aspects, sites and stakeholders
  3. The onboarding process is led by a Sustainability Platform Manager, who is available for continuous consulting on how to advance your data-driven sustainability scope in the platform.

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