Train your organization to boost ESG impact

Our ESG courses and e-learning packages help companies build new capabilities and advance their sustainability agenda. Empower your entire organization, ensure ESG compliance and drive long-term growth from within.

Employee course package

Train your entire organization in the fundamentals of ESG and create an ecosystem that drives positive change. An expanding number of ready-made introductory courses is available in this package, where our learning expert will help you select those that best suit your business needs. Your company can also customize the courses to make them your own.

  • Build a knowledgeable workforce and culture of sustainability
  • Embed ESG in the fabric of your business
  • Upskill and communicate your sustainability efforts at all levels

esg and sustainability e learning courses

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Specialist course package

Ensure that sustainability professionals stay one step ahead in driving your sustainable transformation. Choose from a range of specialized courses that are relevant to those responsible for your company’s sustainability efforts. Build a strong cohort of experts who understand the importance of sustainability and can turn ESG ambitions into actions.

  • Enable collaborations to help advance sustainability goals
  • Keep up to date on ESG regulation and evolving requirements
  • Streamline the onboarding of new internal sustainability stakeholders

Board & Management course package

Provide your upper management and board with essential knowledge on sustainability and ESG reporting. We guide you in selecting from our full course library based on your specific goals. Be confident that your leadership stays informed on current standards and regulations to ensure compliance and foster sustainable impact.

  • Anchor your sustainability strategy from the top down
  • Learn more about how ESG topics are connected to higher profitability
  • Take steps to mitigate business risks linked to ESG factors

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