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EU Taxonomy Guide

What is the EU Taxonomy, who is affected by the regulation and how does aligning with the taxonomy help boost your business? The following guide gives you an overview of what the taxonomy entails and how it can be used to create competitive edge.

A framework for more sustainable enterprise and greener investing

The EU Taxonomy is now entering a challenging implementation phase. The coming years will see the scope of the taxonomy grow from encompassing around 11,000 companies (2022) to more than 50,000 companies within the EU alone.

However, compliance with the taxonomy doesn’t have to be a process of “ticking boxes”. Value can be created by thinking strategically and being proactive. In this guide, we describe the current landscape of the EU Taxonomy to help you navigate the path ahead.

Download the guide and read about: 

  • What is the EU Taxonomy all about?
  • Who is affected by it?
  • How is analysis and reporting done?
  • What are the benefits of aligning with the taxonomy?

a guide to the eu taxonomy

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