Webinar: Sustainability reporting – How to align your report with the ESRS

With the 2023 reporting season about to kick off, companies are looking closely at how to structure their sustainability disclosures in line with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

Listen to our sustainability reporting experts as they provide insights and examples on how to meet the ESRS reporting requirements while also meeting the needs of stakeholders for a concise and clear report.

Key points from the webinar include:

  • An overview of the key ESRS requirements on structuring sustainability statements
  • Understanding how the double materiality assessment and ESRS disclosure requirements will impact your reporting
  • Tips and tools to structure a report that includes ESG narrative, ESRS disclosure requirements and other frameworks while meeting stakeholder needs
  • Examples of how companies can demonstrate progress towards ESRS compliance in their 2023 sustainability reports
  • Insights and lessons on developing an integrated report


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Our panel includes

Marc Jourdan webinar
Marc Jourdan

Senior Manager
Position Green

olivia krall esrs webinar
Olivia Krall

Position Green

Simon Taylor ESRS webinar moderator
Simon Taylor

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