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Science Based Targets

Follow up and report on Science Based Targets (SBTi)

Set scientifically based climate targets that align with the Paris Agreement! To not exceed the target of keeping global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees, Science Based Targets are set by the research of what is required by each industry and business.

Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi) is a collaboration between CDP, WRI, WWF and the UN’s Global Compact. The scientific basis is developed by IPCC and IEA, among others.


More and more companies set climate targets according to Science Based Targets. To set Science Based Targets, you need to inventory your emissions in the whole value chain in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG).

To start working with Science Based Targets, you need to send an intentions letter to SBTi to begin setting emission targets that align with SBTi’s criterium. The emission targets are consequently sent to SBTi, which validates them. After validation, the companies need to report all their emissions yearly and measure how they are doing in reference to their goal.

Full reporting circle

To follow up Science Based Targets to SBTi, you are required to officially and annually report your company-wide Scope 1 and 2 GHG-emissions inventory and progress against published goals.

To report on this, a visual comparison is needed to study the emissions in relation to the set targets.


In Position Green ESG Platform it is possible to visualise your data in a way that follows a development over time for the different Scope.

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