ADB SafeGate needed a tool
to scale-up their sustainability work

To avoid the time consuming labor required when working manually with sustainability data, ADB SafeGate was looking to implement a tool specifically tailored to sustainability data. They were in search of something scalable, that allowed for a large number of users and measurement points, and that could visualize statistics in a comprehensible manner.

They also placed great emphasis on the team behind the tool and their openness towards developing the tool according to ADB SafeGate’s needs. ADB SafeGate did not want to purchase a generic system, but was rather looking for a close and genuine partnership. Among the alternatives evaluated, Position Green met all of their requirements.

Sustainability data as a driving force

The collaboration between ADB SafeGate and Position Green was initiated in Sweden, but quickly scaled up to include additional markets. At present, Position Green’s ESG software is used to collect, visualize and report sustainability data from ADB SafeGate’s sites across Europe, North America and Asia. Data exported from Position Green is applied to ADB SafeGate’s global management processes, as a foundation for their sustainability reporting, as material for publication on their website, as a basis for brand positioning activities, as evidence in their external audits and in dialogue with clients. It is also a vital ingredient in the establishment of a sustainability culture within the organization, where all co-workers take pride in ADB SafeGate’s positive contribution to society.

Reliable statistics wins trust and saves time

Using Position Green Platform has added a routine, a division of responsibility and process for working with sustainability data. Having successfully developed an efficient way of driving ADB SafeGate’s sustainability agenda, with tangible results, it has created a sense of satisfaction amongst their employees. Different needs within the organization are illuminated when data is visualized in Position Green, which allows for a swift adjustment of negative trends and recognition of changes required. The fact that all statistics rest on traceable data is crucial for ADB SafeGate in providing evidence for their compliance to certifications and legal standards. The process for collecting and reporting data has gone down from approximately six weeks to one week with the help of Position Green. Should they decide to increase their reporting frequency in the future they will save substantial time per number of users for every reporting cycle. Using Position Green contributes to an internal culture of sustainability that permeates their sales process, shifting the focus from technology to sustainability.

“The process for collecting and reporting data has gone down from approximately six weeks to one week with the help of Position Green.”
Simon Silver, Quality Environment Director at ADB SafeGate.


ADB SafeGate is a leading provider of solutions that boost efficiency, improve safety, raise environmental sustainability and reduce operational costs. Through their solutions tailored towards the airport industry, they ensure that over 2500 airports around the world operate safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Simon Silver and ADB Safegate as
Champions of sustainability

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