About the platform

A one-stop-shop for all sustainability data

Despite accepted standards within sustainability reporting, the approach can look very different between organizations. We have built four modules that focus of different aspects and adopt to your needs. A model to fit the needs of every individual organization is quickly created – or a template can be used. The platform supports the collection of internal sustainability data, supplier evaluations, evaluations of company holdings or specific projects.


Position Green handles both manual and automated imports of qualitative and quantitative sustainability data. Data can be imported or collected from within the organisation, from suppliers, partners or holdings. Automatic calculations can convert data to the right format such as emissions. Position Green has full traceability of data to ensure that both those within communication and auditing have a reliable source for sustainability reporting.


Once data is imported into Position Green you will get an immediate overview of your results vs your KPI’s. You are also able to easily follow developments over time based on the standards that you have chosen to work with. You can choose standard models for visualization of reported data – or create your own visualizations. Built in factors converts the reported data to relevant emission factors. Traceability is central to ensure compliance for certifications, legal and ownership directives.


Custom exports are easily available. Exports can be segmented by KPI’s, organizational structures, time spans or types of data. Connecting your most important data points to your website, you enable real time communications of your sustainability progress. Data can also be integrated with other platforms. By efficient visualizations and handling of data time can be spent where it makes the biggest difference – improving sustainability.

Be up and running within hours

Built in standards

Base your sustainability data structure on existing standards or build you own. New standards are added as requested.

We start with a joint workshop to build the right structure for your sustainability data. This takes into account what sustainability data that you want to to measure, where this data is available, user rights and how data will be provided. This is followed by a quality assurance process – after this you are ready to start!


Choose if you want to work with a pre-defined structure or if you want a custom setup. Built-in experience and best practice helps you get started.


Make your sustainability reporting more efficient by using built in standards as KPI’s, by downloading PDFs for communication of results and comparing organizational units while efficiently delegating responsibilities.

Easy to learn

Let the platform train and guide your users through the processes. Those reporting data will be given clear instructions while those responsible will get help with reminder emails, see activity levels and have a real time overview of progress.

This is how your data flows

Working with sustainability should easy, efficient and fun. To achieve this and create structure within complex data, you need a designed process which makes collection, analysis and reporting of sustainability data intelligent and traceable. Position Green is the only platform you will need to collect and report sustainability data.

Would you like to know more?

We will happily walk you through Position Green and show you the various ways in which it can be tailored to your needs and level of ambition. Please get in touch with us or schedule a demo by sharing your contact details below. We will get back to you with more information.

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