Position Green’s tool for sustainability monitoring of company holdings

ESG Monitoring of Company Holdings

The Position Green platform’s tool for monitoring company holdings is created to collect, analyze and report on existing and potential portfolio companies’ sustainability work in an efficient and quality-assured manner.

This is how Position Green’s tool for monitoring company holdings works:

Build structure for measuring points and organization

In the tool, you create a clear picture of the desired reporting structure and enter the companies to be assessed. Built-in support for standards and best practice provides an efficient start.

Automated data collection
and validation

Collect sustainability data from your companies through automated surveys via email, through data import or integrations with other systems. Built-in validations, frequency selection and traceability ensure quality and efficiency.

Analyze and export

Work with the information through analyzes, produce charts online or use the automated scoring of your companies. Data can be exported and integrated with other systems.

Created so that you can
work independently – help is available if you want

Position Green’s tool for monitoring company holdings is designed so that you can work independently with your evaluation. If the time is short or if you prefer to hire experienced sustainability consultants, we can solve this through our Sustainability Advisors or by recommending one of our partners.

Our model for sustainability data

Want to know more? Contact us here and we will be happy to tell you how Position Green’s tools for sustainability work can work for your particular business.
The platform also includes tools for supplier ESG assessment and for Internal sustainability reporting . All sustainability work in one place.

Among our users are:

You can be up and running in a couple of hours

Built-in standards

Start by linking your sustainability work to a standard or build your own structure. We are constantly adding new standards as requested by customers.

The first thing we do when the collaboration begins is to meet for a joint workshop where we build your unique measurement structure: which measurement areas you want to collect data about, the data, from where in the organization or outside the organization that data should be retrieved, who should have permissions in the platform and how data is to be imported into the platform. Once we have built your measurement structure, a quality assurance is carried out and then the work can start!


Choose whether you want to start from one of our ready-made structures with pre-selected questions or tailor the tool completely to your business. With built-in knowledge and best practices, you can easily get started with your data collection.


Streamline your sustainability work by using built-in sustainability standards and KPIs, download PDF reports to communicate statistics, compare your various units against each other, and delegate responsibilities to different reporters in the organization.

Easy to use

Let the platform instruct your users. Clear instructions and explanations guide your reporters through the process and as the main person, the tool helps you to send out reminder emails, show registration activity, visualizations of the statistics, etc. so that you have a total and updated overview.

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