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We empower champions of sustainability

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We are driven by a common purpose: to develop the world’s best sustainability platform

We are an international team with a collective experience in finance, law, sociology, environmental studies, political science, communication, sustainable development, programming, data sciences and education. With our founders’ background in auditing we understand the importance of control, scrutiny and traceability to build trust in a company’s sustainability efforts. Drawing from our knowledge in education and teaching, we have crafted methods that simplify and clarify the different steps included in sustainability work, creating a joyful digital working environment. We also realize the fundamental significance of efficient and accurate communication in order to make your sustainability efforts tangible and impactful.

We want to contribute with positive energy and a bit of fun, and add courage to our clients’ sustainability agenda. We often get help from our trusted collaborators in those cases where our own knowledge and expertise is not sufficient.

Mark Bengtsson

Senior Application Developer

mark.bengtsson@positiongreen.com +46 766 55 66 05

Agnes Holm Hedberg

Sustainability Advisor

agnes.h.hedberg@positiongreen.com +46 735 44 08 02

Christoffer Wallin

Account Manager

christoffer.wallin@positiongreen.com +46 700 07 96 81

Linnette Ericsson

Sustainability Advisor

linnette.ericsson@positiongreen.com +46 728 57 96 83

Ellen Hansson Henne

Account Manager

ellen.h.henne@positiongreen.com +46 736 44 85 37

Johanna Clarin

Sustainability Advisor

johanna.clarin@positiongreen.com +46 708 31 89 37

Sandra Wennesjö

Sustainability Advisor

sandra.wennesjo@positiongreen.com +46 739 22 33 21

Josephine Strömland

Sustainability Advisor

josephine.stromland@positiongreen.com +46 704 93 64 41

Mattias Almén

Senior Application Developer

mattias.almen@positiongreen.com +46 723 66 11 71

Julia Holm

Administration and Marketing Coordinator

julia.holm@positiongreen.com +46 736 51 41 46

Elin Larsson

Account Manager

elin.larsson@positiongreen.com +46 700 07 96 82

Prosha Aziz

Sustainability Advisor

prosha.aziz@positiongreen.com +46 709 32 6488

Edvin Olbers

Account Manager

edvin.olbers@positiongreen.com +46 762 13 86 27

Erik Bernstrup

Account Manager

erik.bernstrup@positiongreen.com +46 707 53 27 29


Louise Alsheimer Niklasson

Head of Growth

louise@positiongreen.com +46 702 27 60 55

Paulina Björk

Sustainability Advisor & Head of Sustainability

paulina@positiongreen.com +46 735 45 04 76

Sofie Folkesson

Team Leader - Sustainability Advisors

sofie@positiongreen.com +46 703 44 22 43

Anders Frankel

Working Chairman


Rickard Häll

Deputy CEO

rickard@positiongreen.com +46 700 90 61 95

Marcus Malmgren

Senior Application Developer

marcus.malmgren@positiongreen.com +46 703 79 11 76

Sabina Nordén

Sustainability Advisor

sabina.norden@positiongreen.com +46 736 20 09 62

Josefine Ringnér

Team Leader - Account Managers

josefine.ringner@positiongreen.com +46 700 90 54 55


Rafael Mejía Santana

Application Developer

rafael@positiongreen.com +46 735 45 04 76

Anders Söderling

Senior Application Developer

anders@positiongreen.com +46 768 75 24 00


Our partners

In our strive to offer our clients an all-encompassing service we are proud to collaborate with experienced sustainability consultants and experts within sustainability communication. Our partners recommend Position Green as the most advanced platform on the market.

Organizations that we support

By being a member of the following organizations we both benefit from and contribute to the experience and expertise of other companies. Through active collaboration we share our dedication for empowering businesses and organizations with sustainable practices.

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